Magma Star Lube-sizer

  • Magma Star Lube Sizer Features straight through sizing.
  • Pump pressures the lube to groove only.

Optional accessories include:

  • Star Die     $52.50
    • Dies are available from .218 through .585.
    • When ordering Star Dies please give us the size and if more than one grease groove the distance (center to center) of the grease grooves.
  • Star Bullet Punch    $18.50
  • Heated Base available in 110V & 240V   $120.00
  • Bullet Feeder for one Caliber     $125.00
  • Small or Large Caliber Conversions    $28.60
  • Caliber Conversions for bullets under ½”     $31.50
  • Air Feed for the Bullet Lube (60 psi air pressure required)    $105.00
  • Swivel Handle     $35.50

Price: $338.00 (without die)


Adding A Heated Base To A Star Sizer

Adding Lube To The Star Bullet Sizer

How To Plug A Star Sizing Die

How To Remove Shot From The Star Die

Adjusting The Star Lube sizer Bullet Punch

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