Magma Custom Bullet Molds

We now offer no lube groove bevel base magma molds.

Here are the no lube groove bevel base bullets that we now offer.

09-115 RN BB NLG 09-124 RN BB NLG
09-122 FP BB NLG 09-125 CN BB NLG
09-130 RN BB NLG 09-135 RN BB NLG
09-145 RN BB NLG 09-147 FP BB NLG
09-160 RN BB NLG 10-180 FP BB NLG
380-95 RN BB NLG 38-100 SWC BB NLG
38-158 SWC BB NLG 45-200 SWC BB NLG
45-230 RN BB NLG Custom no lube groove available!
  • Note: The no lube groove bullets match the profile of our regular lube groove bullets, but do not have the lube groove.
  • We are able to make all of our other bullets no lube groove as well but they will be flat base bullets.

Magma Bullet Molds

  • Molds are made of high density, cast iron bar that is produced exclusively for Magma.
  • All molds are test cast, weighed and measured to assure consistent high quality.
  • All Magma Molds are test casting using a 92% lead, 2% tin, 6% antimony alloy
  • Variances in alloy may effect cast weights and diameters
  • More than 200 styles available.
  • Machine ready or can be fitted with RCBS handles.
  • These two links below represent most of the bullet molds we sell. They are presented on two sheets. If you do not find what you are looking for, ask! We may have what you need if it is not on our web site yet.

Mold Type


Magma Set of 8




Magma molds fitted for RCBS handles

(handles not included)


Adapt Customers Molds to Magma’s Machine

$39.65 to

Modified RCBS Handles


Bevel Base Bullets Sheet  Flat Base Bullets Sheet   Gas Check Bullets Sheet