Magma Mark 8 Bullet Master

Bullet MasterThe Mark 8 more standard features included from previous versions.

  • The pot capacity has been increased to 115 lbs.
  • Increased pre-melt wattage for faster melting.
  • Speed controller is located in the control panel – not separate.
  • Blowers have increased capacity and feature baffles to adjust air flow.
  • Mold sensor prevents pouring on empty mold carrier arms. Fewer than 8 molds can be used.
  • Roller sprue cutter requires less pressure for cut off.
  • Sprue tapper moved to provide better action.

Plus all of our standard features:

  • Modular electric system. Controllers are solid state with LED readouts.
  • Temperature is controlled to within plus or minus 7°.
  • Divided pot for simultaneous pre-melting and pouring.
  • Float transfer device provides constant lead head pressure assuring continuous bullet quality.
  • Automatically casts up to 4,000 bullets an hour.
  • Automatically separates bullets from sprues.
  • Complete with 8 Magma molds. Saeco, Lyman, and RCBS molds can be converted for use on our machines.
  • Specifications: 240v, 16 amps, 3750 watts. Air system requires 125 psi – low volume.

Optional Bullet Master Accessory Multi-Impact System Call for pricing.

  • Provides multiple taps to the bullet mold to aid in releasing larger or sticking bullets.
  • Fast and easy installation.
  • Can be retrofitted to previous Bullet Master models.

Optional Bullet Master Accessory Separator System $1,000.00

  • Separates bullets into trays for ease in checking mold wear or when using more than one caliber mold.
  • Can be retrofitted to previous models.

Price: $11,800.00


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